Turn off Ok Google on Your Android Smartphone

Turn off Ok Google
You've most likely seen the TV commercial breaks for OK Google, but exactly what is OK Google and how do you operate it? If you grew up in the 80s, or 90s, this was the symbolic representation of the future. Let them know exactly what to do, ask them questions, and have them respond as soon as possible. Well, it's not sci-fi any longer. But not everybody might need or want to utilize OK Google and might want to turn off it on their smartphone or tablet PC gadget. We will make clear whatever you have to find out about how to turn off OK Google on your Android smartphone below.

Turn off OK Google on Your Android Smartphone
Everybody knows Google knows everything. You can pop the question almost anything you want, simply as you generally would with Google Search. While helpful, there's constantly the snap that it holds a partial wakelock on the kernel, which basically means that it can lead to excessive battery drain by keeping the microphone constantly monitoring. For this reason, you should to turn it off, we'll inform you how. No matter what the reason might be, here is a quick tutorial on how you can turn off OK Google on your Android phone. The procedure is extremely basic and just takes a few minutes to finish.

Google Now
  1. Inside Google Now, touch the microphone icon from the search bar. 
  2. From options, uncheck ‘Hotword Detection’. 
  3. You'll see that the microphone icon is 'hollow' now instead having a fill. That's a sign that OK Google is turned off.
Google Experience Launcher
  1. Touch and hold on any launcher home screen, then browse to Settings. 
  2. Hit Voice, and uncheck "Hotword detection".
  3. This will shut off the OK Google command in both the launcher and also for Google Now. 
  4. That's kind of the only disadvantage; you cannot turn it off for simply the Launcher while keeping performance in Google Now, it needs to be both or none.
Google voice search is an impressive function of the Android-powered mobile phone. But, not everyone prefers to utilize the voice-controlled function for different reasons. Some do not like the concept of their mobile phone listening to them, while others do not express English that well and do not see the advantages of keeping the function activated.

All at once, however, embracing OK Google as your communications commander presents some hidden downsides, varying from privacy-related issues to issues about trustworthiness. By utilizing this Google Voice feature to manage all your phone activity, you're leaving open a huge quantity of private data to Google. Some personal privacy advocates have expressed worries that Google Voice might result in increased profiling and monitoring of users without securities. That's a problem is mainly up to you, and how comfy you feel with the predicament. We really hope this makes it clear how to turn off OK Google on your android smartphone. We ask you to leave your feedback in our comments form if you have any opinions or concerns.

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