How to Save Videos from Facebook without Third Party Application

When you see those funny cat videos uploaded in Facebook by your friend, you might want to save it in your devices. If you are wondering on how to save videos from Facebook, this article will give you tutorial on how to do it in easy way. Facebook is social media that allows you to post your thoughts, images, and videos. Despite being popular and useful, it is unfortunate since Facebook does not include feature to download the posted video. Downloading images on Facebook or most sites you find in internet is relatively easy. All you need to do is right click on the image and select save as. Things will be complicated if the content you want to download is a video.

Tutorial on How to Save Videos from Facebook
As mentioned before, Facebook does not facilitate its users to download any videos uploaded in it directly. The solution is using other tool. If you access Facebook page by using computer, installing Internet Download Manager is the best solution. It allows you to download any videos from any websites, including Facebook. Some downloader applications can also be found from Google Play Store. It allows you to download any videos on Facebook if you access it through your mobile devices. Unfortunately, some people are bothered with complicated installation of new software to their computer. On the other hand, mobile devices users might not have extra RAM required to install the application.
Do not be worried since you still can download the video on Facebook without having to use third party application. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.
  1. The initial step on this tutorial is signing in to your Facebook account. This step should be simple. All you need to do is fill your username and password. You will be directed to the update feed page. Find the video you wish to download from this page. 
  2. Before we talk about how to save videos from Facebook, it is important to obtain the main key for this procedure. The key is getting link from the video you wish to download. You will see the importance of this video link in the next step. You can obtain the link easier of you use computer. Click on the video and copy the link from its address bar. If you use mobile devices, the procedure should be similar. 
  3. Once you obtain the link on your clipboard, open a new tab. In its address bar, type After the page is completely loaded up, paste the link on your clipboard to the field provided by this website. Hit on the download button. There is one more step on the tutorial that you need to do.
  4. After you complete the previous step, you should get option on the video quality that you wish to save. The video quality is commonly ranging from 240p up to 480p. The better quality of video you want to download, the longer it takes to download it. The next step is finding the directory to save the video. That should be the final step on how to save videos from Facebook.

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