How To Save a Twitter Video Without Application

How to Save a Twitter Video
Social media these days are not only able to let you share your thoughts, but also videos and images as well. Twitter is one of those social media. Downloading image from twitter is simple. However, downloading video from twitter is tricky. If you want to know how to save a twitter video, this article will provide you with all information you need. In general, downloading video uploaded in twitter can be executed with two methods. Using third party applications is considered as the easiest one. Unfortunately, people who access twitter from mobile devices sometimes do not have enough space to install such applications. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to download video shared on twitter without application. 

Tutorial How to Save a Twitter Video from Mobile Device
1.    The first step of that you have to do is logging in to your twitter account. Normally, it will need you to enter your email or username as well as your twitter password to the form provided. If you already logged in to your twitter account, you can proceed to the next step.

2.    Other users that you follow upload the video you wish to download. Those users upload the video by in form of tweets. In the tutorial to save a twitter video, you will need to get the link of the video you want. You will soon see the importance of this link. Go directly to the tweet containing a video. Tap on this tweet, and you will be directed to the actual page.

3.    The next step is tapping menu icon. Keep in mind that you should on the same page of the video when you do this step. This menu icon is often in form of three vertical dots. Once you click the menu, a drop down menu will appear shortly. Above the setting tab, you can see “Copy link to tweet”. Tap on this tab to obtain the link. 

4.    Once you copied the link, you can open your browser. When talking about how to save a twitter video, it does not matter what type of mobile browser you use. After the mobile browser is accessed. Type located in the address bar. It should redirect you to its home page. 

5.    In the home page, you can see a form where you need to put the video link into it. All you need to do is hold-tap on this form and then select paste option. After the link is pasted, you can tap on the download button located below it. 

6.    This page will generate direct link that allows you to download the video. Tap on the link and choose the directory to download the video. Depending on your internet connection and the video size, it might take time to save the video to your mobile device.
After you follow the tutorial above, you should have the video in your mobile device. Aside from, you can also use other website offering the same functions.

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