How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram
How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram
Mobile devices are a must-have for staying on top of social networks activity, both in and out of the workplace. Instagram is among social's long-running models of a mobile-only platform, which can lay some intriguing challenges for businesses. Most especially today that videos are becoming as popular as still pictures, it's essential to comprehend the best ways to properly get your business's media files into its social media profiles. Whether it's your personal remarkable creations or your partners', uploading videos off Instagram is like shooting fish in a barrel. Below, we'll guide you through how to post longer videos on Instagram

Post Longer Videos to Instagram
Instagram is well-known for photos; however, videos have been a significant favorite on this only-mobile platform. Instagram videos develop two times more interaction on average than Instagram photographs do. That's why you might want to think about utilizing Instagram video for your business as component of your marketing and advertising strategy.
Recently, their videos for users were limited to 15 seconds. Today, you have a whole minute to distribute to the whole world. Similar to its parent company Facebook, Instagram has actually become significantly focused on video. According to Sephi Shapira, CEO MassiveImpact, why does a 60-second limitation make good sense? It's everything about enhancing viewership statistics. Raising the video length limitation definitely is good for users, who will have a higher chance to tell a story.

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram
It's not as hard as it seems to create fine-looking Instagram videos. But it might need hard-working around Instagram's limited abilities if you desire a professional-grade video edited on Instagram. 
  1. To publish on Instagram, the video file should be on your smartphone. 
  2. As a publisher, you will have to export your video, and then compress it for your mobile phone. 
  3. You will send the compressed file to your smartphone and then upload to Instagram. 
  4. This guide still works for any time-frame, from the minimum 3 seconds, the 15 second max, and up to the 60 second max.
Recording and uploading a video through Instagram is very easy.
  1. Start "Instagram app" on your smartphone. 
  2. Tap 'Camera' icon found near the bottom on the screen. 
  3. Tap 'Video' icon to change from camera to video. 
  4. Push and hold "Round red button" to launch recording. 
  5. Raise your finger off the button to stop tape-recording. 
  6. Tap "Right arrow" button located on top right corner on the screen to bring a filter and share your video.
Since mobile gadgets do not have the quality or ability professional editing software, editing and enhancing video on a mobile gadget is a little bit of a pain. For high-grade videos, we highly recommend recording and modifying outside of Instagram. Make a time dedication to experiment with your Instagram video plan, and assess in the end of that time. Even better, begin a routine Instagram video series, to ensure that you're accountable for content, say, each week. We actually feel great you get the useful things in this post about how to post longer videos on Instagram. Share your honest opinions in the comments below.

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