How to Open Facebook Homepage Mobile

Facebook Homepage Mobile

What is the most popular social media today? Everyone cannot deny that the top answer is Facebook. It grows significantly alongside the mobile phone development. Today, you can get Facebook Homepage Mobile to make everything easy. What are differences between regular model and mobile version? Regular mode is for desktop computer and it decreases significantly as people decide to use mobile phone. You can access Facebook everywhere and every time without having big device on your desk.
Accessing Facebook Homepage Mobile

1.     Browser 
Facebook is website on internet, so you can open it via browser. There are many browsers for mobile device. Google Chrome is for Android and Safari is for iOS. Both of them are native and standard browser for both operating systems. However, you can get other browser to fit your preference. To access Facebook Homepage Mobile, open browser then type Facebook address on the address bar. It is similar to desktop computer, but the interface for mobile version is simpler and has fewer features. You only get essential features such as newsfeed, message, friend, search, and setting tools. Those features are enough to let you know what happen to others. You need to refresh manually to get new content.

2.     Shortcut on desktop

Using browser is the most basic way, but not very effective. Users have to open browser every time they want to access Facebook. One major issue is the real notification and update content. You cannot get those notifications without opening Facebook. Good news is automatic login, so users are already on their account without logout.You open Facebook via browser and save as bookmark. After that, create shortcut from bookmark to desktop. It is more effective than opening directly browser. Shortcut in smartphone is similar to desktop computer. You just touch this part then browser will launch automatically at bookmark page. Of course, this method is the most efficient at all.

3.     Application

Using Facebook application is the most effective and efficient way to access Facebook Mobile. You do not have to open browser continuously or create shortcut on desktop. The application will integrate Facebook features to phone. Notification is similar to regular text message, except you get directly from Facebook app. In past time, people called it shortcut because of easy access to certain application or address. Nowadays, application is specific program installed on mobile device, which connects to certain server. Facebook app needs constant internet connection to stay update regularly. Installing this app is easy. Users should visit app store for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. It is free and developer will add new update regularly.

Browser and applications are two ways to access Facebook. You do not have to open in desktop computer, but it is ready at your own hand. Each of them has advantage and disadvantage. If you have many friends and always communicate to them, installing application is better choice. Besides Facebook Homepage Mobile, the application also provides chatting feature. This is old feature that gets update to impress members. Therefore, enjoy Facebook ultimately to explore the world.

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