How to Change Password on Twitter to Prevent Your Friends Messing Up Your Account

How to Change Password on Twitter
For those of you who have friends with access to your twitter account, you might experience a situation where they are messing around your account. In this case, you probably want to change your twitter password. If you want to know how to change password on twitter, this tutorial will tell you how to do it properly. As popular social media, twitter provides feature that allows its users to change their password. This feature is mostly intended for security reasons. The procedure of changing twitter password is relatively easy. It can be executed from both computer and mobile device platform. The following tutorial will give you easy steps on how to do it.

Tutorial How to Change Password on Twitter

1.      The initial step on how to change password on twitter is log in to your twitter account as you normally do. Simply type your email or username along with the password on the field provided. Click on the “Log in” button right below it. It should redirect you to your twitter account home page.

2.      Ignore all the posts on the feed as soon as you are redirected to the home page. If you want to know how to change password on twitter properly, go to the upper-right corner of the screen. You will find your profile picture on this corner. Click on it and a drop down menu will soon appear. Continue this step by clicking on the setting section. If you use mobile devices, the setting section is located on the menu. Tap on it and choose setting.

3.      The next step is clicking on the password tab. This tab is located on the setting section on the left side. Finding it should be easy as it can be found between “Privacy and Security” and “Cards and Shopping”. In mobile phone, it is located under the account section. Tap on it and you will be redirected to your password setting.

4.      The fun part starts from here. You will be redirected to certain page with three form fields. On the top field, you need to fill it with your current password. The middle field is the place where you need to type in new password you wish to use to replace the old one. Meanwhile, the bottom field is the verification field. Just type the same new password you use on the middle field. It is not advisable to use copy-paste feature. In the mobile device, the procedure should be the same. You will find three form fields as well.

5.     In order to complete this procedure, simply click on the “Save Changes” button on the bottom page. Meanwhile, in the mobile devices, the button is written as “Change Password”. Despite it says differently, the function is the same.

After you complete the procedure above, your twitter password should be changed. In order to test whether it works properly or not, all you need to do is logging in to your twitter account. Use your new password and see whether it works or not.
How to Change Password on Twitter
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