A Guideline on How to Change My Twitter Name

How to Change My Twitter Name
Many people who have started and signed up their twitter account might have wondered this question, how to change my twitter name. It may come as no surprise as your twitter name is one of your identifier among other twitter accounts. In other words, your twitter name is just like your ID of twitterverse. Besides, some of you might have decided to change your twitter name every now and then to make the account look appealing. It can be said that your twitter name is of necessity when it comes to twitter identification.

Several people might find this quite confusing to answer such question on how to change the twitter account. Due to this matter, they end up cancelling their plan on changing the twitter name as they have no idea in the first place on doing such thing. Worry not folks as you will find no difficulties in changing your twitter name anymore, thanks to this guide on changing your twitter name. That being said, you have every chance in this world you can use to change your twitter name whenever you want. Here are the steps for the question of how to change my twitter name in order to help you enjoy everything that twitter has to offer you.

1.    Sign in to your account
This is of crucial step everyone needs to do when they want to operate the twitter account. Go to www.twitter.com and wait for you to be redirected to the twitter homepage. When you are already redirected to the homepage, just click “log in” tab if you already have twitter account of yours. If you do not, hit the “sign up” tab to register yourself and fill all the forms needed for you to be registered. Fill in your username in username form and your password for your account. Be sure to fill all forms correctly. Wait for several moments to get to your homepage.

2.    Go to account setting page
For those who do not know the new method of how to change my twitter name, you need to put attention on this article as there are several changes happening in twitter setting. In the new version of twitter, you need to point your profile picture tumbler in the top right corner and click it with the cursor. If you do, you will be offered several options, one of which is setting and privacy. Click the option to go to the account setting.

3.    Change the username
This step will be easy as you only need to change your old username with the new one. Be sure to pick one which has not been taken by other users. If your desired username is already taken, you will be prompted to change it with those who have not been taken.

4.    Save the change
If your username is not taken by other users, you will be free to use it for your username. Hen, save the change by hitting save tab. Keep mind to use short one.

That is all for the methods on how to change my twitter name. All you have to do next is enjoying everything twitter comes up with.

How to Change My Twitter Name
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