Easy Online Job: Get Paid to Promote on Instagram

Professional people use Instagram not for personal use, but rather business purposes. In this article, we are going to talk about how to get paid to promote on Instagram. As it goes with those people, their Instagram might seem like Instagram of most people. They post about their daily life, dresses they wear, food they eat, and many more. Before you are getting excited about this online job, you need consider few aspects beforehand. By considering the following aspect, you can expect to create easy affiliation with other business.

Consider These if You Want to Get Paid to Promote on Instagram

How many people are following your Instagram account? The more followers you have, the bigger chance you can get better offer for this online job. The amount of followers will be the first determining factor of this online job. Keep in mind that the followers should be genuine followers. It means that those followers are real active people instead of purchased follower. Purchased follower are multiple artificial accounts used to make you seem having plenty followers. Followers who are interested in your posts will give a feedback related to the product you are promoting. 

2.    Posts
In terms of posts, we are going to talk about two types of posts. Before you get paid, you need to have specific posting theme. Moreover, you also need to post it in consistent and frequent order. Both consistency and frequency are required in order to get high quality posts. You also need to make sure that the posts are original. It needs to engage your follower to comment or like the posts.

The second type of posts you need to do is promotion posts. In order to get paid, you need to promote people’s product. Try to mask the promotion posts with your daily post. For instance, you promote a particular dress. In the posts, you upload a photo about you wearing that dress. Do not forget to mention how good the dress is. This subtle promotion will keep your follower engaging without feeling the sense of promotion.

3.    Affiliates
Compared to the previous consideration in order get paid, this one is the difficult part. There are two ways of being affiliated. The first way is by contacting particular brand to work with you. The second way is by waiting for them to approach you. When you want to approach them, you need to have great number of active followers and high quality posts. Those are their considerations when making an affiliation with Instagram users.

4.    Payments
After you are successfully creating an affiliation with particular brands, it is time to discuss about how you will get paid. Some brands will provide you with their products for free. Meanwhile, the other let you choose their product to use. There are also transferred payments where a sum of money is transferred to your bank account. Make sure you are discussing this before you do the affiliation. As you can see, it is not that complicated to get paid to promote on Instagram.

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