How to Access Facebook Login in Mobile Phone

Facebook turns into the biggest social media in internet era. You can connect to other easily and several features increase its advantage. Vast growing for smartphone and mobile device makes developer to launch Facebook login in mobile phone. What is difference between standard and mobile version? The most important thing is you need to know how to use this feature through your device.

Login is like gateway to enter certain area. In Facebook, you need to be member to login and get every feature. Login in mobile phone is slightly different from computer or laptop. Facebook makes sure smartphone users are able to open this social media without consuming much bandwidth. For such reason, mobile version of Facebook is very light and easy to access. Nowadays, you can find mobile version of sites automatically regarding what kind device you use. If Facebook detects that user uses laptop, homepage and login feature will be in  standard mode. On the other hand, Facebook on phone will appear when users use smartphone or any mobile device. For your information, smartphone is the top device in mobile phone. The others are tablet and common phone. Therefore, users do not have to worry to open Facebook though any device.

1.    Via browser
Accessing Facebook login in mobile phone is easy. There are two ways to do such matter. Firstly, you can use browser from mobile device. As similar to desktop computer, smartphone uses browser to connect into internet. In this case, you can explore Facebook as similar to browse other sites. Open any browser in your application. Write Facebook address then go. Interface will be automatically adjusted to fit your device. As mentioned above, mobile version is light and easy to open.

Unfortunately, you do not get mobile version of Facebook in laptop unless you do a trick. You can open Facebook with mobile interface in laptop or desktop computer. Type in address bars of browser then enter. Interface will look exactly as the same as mobile version. This trick is useful to save bandwidth and enjoy Facebook without waiting for ready. Of course, accessing mobile version of Facebook in desktop computer has limitation. However, this trick is worth to try.

2.    Mobile application
Another way to get login is mobile application. You can go to app store then install the application easily. What is difference between via browser and application? You cannot stay connected and updated with everything happens on Facebook. Moreover, opening browser is not efficient way. On contrary, you can keep in touch wherever you go. However, this application consumes bandwidth continuously to maintain the connection.

3.    Register
If you do not have Facebook account, just register immediately. You will feel basic information as standard requirement. Email and phone numbers are important to keep everything at safety line. You can use phone number to verify password. When you forget the password, Facebook will send notification via email or text message.

From those steps, you can use two ways to access Facebook login in mobile phone. You just need to pick one of them to access Facebook. Application will get update regularly to enhance the capability.

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