Facebook Full Site Login from Mobile Platform

Facebook Full site Login
Instead of directing you to Facebook full site login, you will be directed to special login site. This condition always happens when you try to access Facebook from your mobile platform. The interface of Facebook full site is completely different with when you use your mobile devices to access it. The interface of Facebook on mobile devices is simplified. It is intended to let its users to access essential features of Facebook. Unfortunately, it also means that you cannot get complete feature as it goes in the full site version. 

Tutorial to Access Facebook Full Site Login
As it goes with most social media these days, Facebook also improves its performance. One of their efforts to do this improvement is to make Facebook accessible from mobile devices. It turns out to be the best way to reach to their users. User does not have to access Facebook from computer anymore. They can use their mobile devices in order to stay connected with Facebook. This feature allows Facebook to widespread even more. Unfortunately, it comes with minor drawbacks.

The minor drawback of this new feature is its users cannot access the full site login. As you probably expected, fitting wide full site of Facebook in small mobile devices screen is not easy. Some features need to be reduced in order to fit it into the screen. It does make the appearance of the interface simpler. At the same time, users cannot use it as they usually do when they use computer.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can do to solve this problem. This solution allows you to access FB full site login even though you are using mobile devices. In order to do it, you need to open your favorite mobile browser. It can be any mobile browser. As long as the mobile browser is compatible, it should be working just fine. Tap on the address bar. After that, type http://www.facebook.com/home.php. Hit enter on your screen keyboard. It should direct you to the full site of Facebook. It is also highly advisable to bookmark the page. Therefore, you do not have to type it repeatedly when you need to access it on the other time.

The letter on Facebook full site login that you open from the screen of your mobile devices might looks microscopic. You do not have to be worried about it. All you need to do is to take advantage of the zoom feature. If your mobile device supports gesture access, simply pinch the screen to zoom in. Adjust the zoom to your preferred size. 

Opening Facebook page from mobile devices is not recommended since it will consume more of your data plan. Therefore, the Facebook system will try to direct you to their mobile interface. If you want to stay on the current Facebook full site login, it is advisable not to tap on the Facebook logo. This logo is often located on the top left corner of the interface. Alternatively, you should also restrain yourself from tapping on your own profile name.
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